Art Workshops


Participants will learn how to set up a marbling station and will leave with their own marbled paper. We find that both kids and adults enjoy the mesmerising act of dropping paint onto a liquid surface. The process is even meditative to some. All workshops have a limited number of students in order to ensure a friendly and artistically experimental environment where we can offer support and insight to every student.


Succulents are a great plant to introduce new and young gardeners to. They’re easy to care for and there are so many interesting forms, textures, and colours to choose from. Participants will plant up a small bowl or concrete planter and learn how to care for their


Block printing with yarn and vegetable printing is truly appropriate for all ages. Participants’ first go at it will be a foolproof attempt at DIY modern art.

Musical drama & dance

Participants will engage in music, drama, and dance as mediums to reinforce subjects learnt in schools such as Science, History, Geography, Biology, Biodiversity, Moral Education, and English. We use music as a basis, laying a strong platform for creative and effective learning. Musical drama and dance aims to produce happy and confident learners who gain a deeper and better understanding of learnt materials. Props and costumes will be provided.

Zumba Kids

Zumba Kids is the ultimate dance-fitness party for young Zumba fans of ages 4 to 11. It features age-appropriate music and dance moves that will get kids moving to the beat in no time. Zumba blends global music with energetic dance moves. Dance improves sensory alertness for kids. Besides being a healthy and fun cardiovascular exercise, there are lots of advantages of Zumba for children. These workouts teach kids to lead an active lifestyle from young. It prevents childhood obesity and improves coordination skills. Kids will also develop their social skills by making friends with fellow dance mates.

Junior Cooking

Pizza toast is the ultimate after-school snack for kids. Grown-ups will love it too! Participants will get to choose toppings of their choice for this quick treat.

Bilingual puppetry

The use of puppets can be a powerful tool to help children identify and regulate emotions as well as help model positive behaviour. Group work activities will guide educators to truly make books come alive by creating a “mascot” for students to interact with and truly get everyone excited about learning and literacy.

Farm Tour

Participants will learn about farming, herbs and vegetables, and the origins of food as well as be introduced to basic gardening skills in a functional farm in Kranji.