Arts & Craft Workshops

Paper Marbling

Participants will learn about Ebru and Suminagahsi techniques, set up a marbling station and will leave with their own marbled papers. This workshop is ideal for ages 12 and above and costs $70 per person.

Cacti & Succulent Terrarium

Experience a step-by-step guide of how to create a beautiful and low-maintenance open terrarium with succulents and cacti, a perfect miniature Sahara desert for urban dwellers. All equipment, tools, fresh succulents, and cacti will be provided as well as a care guide on how to look after your terrarium. This workshop is ideal for ages 10 and above and costs $80 per participant.


From screenprinting T-shirts to block-printing textiles using traditional wooden blocks, printmaking techniques are incredibly varied. Mix patterns and clash colours to create your own bold imagery. This workshop is ideal for ages 8 and above and costs $70+ per person.

Musical Drama & Dance

Led by a former actress and Zumba-trained instructor, students will engage in music, drama, and dance as mediums to reinforce subjects learnt in schools such as Science, History, and English. Props and costumes are provided. This workshop is ideal for primary school students and costs $70 per student.

Zumba Kids

Zumba Kids is the ultimate dance-fitness party for young children of ages 4 to 11. It features age-appropriate music and dance movements that will get them moving and shaking to the beat. This workshop is ideal for ages between 4 and 11. It costs $70 per child.

Cooking for Kids

From making fluffy banana pancakes to delicious pizza toast, this is the ultimate cooking course to experience with your child. Under the guidance of a trained chef, learn essential cooking techniques while developing your child's creativity and affinity for healthy food. This workshop is ideal for ages 8 and above. It costs $80 for a parent and child.

Bilingual Puppetry

The use of puppets can be a powerful tool to help children identify and regulate emotions as well as help model positive behaviour. In this workshop, childhood fairytales come alive through sock puppets and bilingual stories. This workshop is ideal for ages between 8 and 12. It costs $70 per child.

Field Trips & Excursions

Escape the concrete jungle and find respite in Singapore's hidden farms. Participants will learn about farming, herbs and vegetables as well as be introduced to basic gardening skills in a functional farm. This field trip is ideal for ages 12 to 16 and costs $30 per person.

Hand Plaster Casting

Make an exact replica of your hand by casting it with dental-grade alginate and Plaster of Paris. Couples and families will be able to cast their intertwined hands to form a sentimental sculpture. This workshop is ideal for ages 10 and above and costs $70 per person.

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