Curating Contemporary Art & Culture

We work with local artists, arts organisations, archives, communities, collections, and institutions to activate public space and imagination through programming, commissioning, and collaboration.

Public Art Commissions

From murals to large-scale installations, we focus on commissioning and presenting ambitious public art projects within the urban context of Singapore.  We connect artists with public organisations and local communities to create new spaces that engage broad audiences across geographic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Cultural Programming

We activate new public destinations that house communities of local and independent creative businesses. Talented people need the support to bring their ideas and ambitions to life, so we connect them with resources they need as well as the community around them. Our urban projects are more than workspaces. They are cultural destinations that invite visitors to discover and interact, take part in events, and enjoy new facilities.

Art Installations

Our ground-up initiatives and curatorial endeavours have transformed underused public spaces and the built environment with art and culture at their heart. Our guerilla approach surprise, connect, and engage with our audiences.

Craft Workshops

Our educational activities reflect the large range of art forms that exist. We want to explore the role that art plays in our society, and the positive impact it can have on all of us. Our learning programme include large-scale events, intimate workshops, engaging talks, and walking tours. We often develop custom activities in partnership with schools and academic organisations from different sectors to share knowledge, and to reach underserved audiences who may not have previously participated in the arts.

International Collaboration

Globalisation has changed the ways in which art is produced, presented and collected, and the terms by which it is understood. New forms of cultural dialogue and international exchange are developing, involving artists, institutions and audiences across cities, regions, and continents. We are developing collaborative programmes and initiatives with a range of partners to expand and connect local expertise to programmes, audiences, institutions and individuals in many different parts of the world.

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