i-D Asia: Textile artist Shawna Wu transforms Chinese knots into harnesses

From natural-dyeing to ritualistic tea ceremonies, Taiwanese knitwear designer Shawna Wu explores Asian culture through textile art.

In Singapore back in 2018, under the red glow of creative workspace 21 Moonstone, a cast of largely queer performers suggestively drank and spilled hawthorn tea. The audience watched on silently as barely-there silk slip dresses and gossamer knitwear were dyed and stained with a blush hue.

The ritualistic tea ceremony was part of a live presentation by Taiwanese knitwear designer and textile artist Shawna Wu. Reflecting on the show now Shawna explains, “Queerness, cultural shame, and tradition — the ‘Drip’ show explored my relationship with my Asian heritage by transforming it into something beautiful.”

Read our interview with Shawna on i-D.

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