Plaster cast art workshop in Singapore: Lending a helping hand at Sengkang Green Primary School

A two-day workshop for 26 students that enhanced self-awareness and the hands-on benefits of art therapy

Neighborhood's educational activities reflect the diversity of the communities we live in, and the large range of art forms that exist. We want to explore the role that art plays in society, and the positive impact it can have on how we view ourselves and the city we live in.

Our learning programme includes large-scale events, intimate workshops, engaging talks, and walking tours. Additionally, we often develop activities in partnership with schools and academic organisations from different sectors to share knowledge, and to reach audiences who may not previously have taken part in the arts.

For at-risk and vulnerable youths, our art-based workshops provide a safe space for addressing self-identity, and trauma through opportunities to learn and communicate through visual and hands-on methods.

In September 2018, we conducted a two-day plastercast workshop for a class of 26 students at Sengkang Green Primary School. Participants between the ages of 9 and 12 casted replicas of their hands alongside their peers

Linking themes of social wellbeing and mental health, the workshop conveyed the importance of hands as tools to interact with loved ones and the world around us. The objectives of the workshop was to provide alternate visual and practical methods of self-expression and communication as well as introduce the technical skill of casting.

The workshop received 93% positive feedback from the participants.

The images have been anonymised to protect the identities and privacy of the individuals.