Our Manifesto

Notes on community, art, and design.
  1. People first.
  2. Everyone has a story to tell. Listen and learn.
  3. Everything is connected. Contextualise and contribute.
  4. Move between macro and micro. Dream big, think small.
  5. Listen, respond, and react. Communication is a deliberate process.
  6. Creativity is the lovechild of time and experience. Relax, breathe, and observe.
  7. Reality is plasticine. Mould it.
  8. Work is arbitrary. Purpose is constant.
  9. Full stomachs create full hearts.
  10. Laugh.

More News Stories

July 29, 2019
Interactive science workshop for primary school students: SINDA

A two-hour introduction to physics using crafts, music, and dance.

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October 14, 2018
Plastercast workshop: Sengkang Green Primary School

A two-day workshop for 26 students that enhanced self-awareness and the hands-on benefits of art therapy.

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April 7, 2018
People's Studio: A guerilla pop-up in Yishun

People's Studio is a creative residency programme that invited emerging artists and designers to spend one month at a makeshift pop-up space in the heart of Yishun in Singapore.

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